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Our Values

  • We work to overcome barriers in the health Literacy among the people of India without any discrimination and to achieve success through unremitting dedication. Health literacy is defined as the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.
  • We promote health, not charity. We don’t take donations, but we do want public support. Become our friend as a volenteer, doctor, clinic & hospital, educational institutuion and or as simple as a regular reader of "Healthy India" magazine and help us to change the meaning of being healthy.
  • Under our guidance we promote volunteerism as a way of life among the people from different communities because communities know best what they need and volunteers from them can address the poor cause of health and can encourage people to be careful for their own & other’s health and can develop empathy and other essential qualities of humanity.
  • We care for old age helpless people living in our society; we also help to resource poor girl child for their good Health & Education. Although, our contribution may be very little but bringing a single smile on their face gives us great pleasure & we believe that it would be helpful for long last change in our society.
  • We advocate for "sustainable health change" that requires sustainable health systems. A number of health programs are conducted and facilities are being provided by the govt. of India as well as by public sector clinics, hospitals, institutions & NGOs, but the need is to give the right information repeatedly and to take the accountability of getting conducted these programs in a proper way."Healthy India" can bolster these systems and our society through additional support of health education, updated information and volunteerism.